These are resources that may be helpful to you. I do not personally endorse any of them.

Information – contains fluency information, commercially available programs and materials

Commercial Programs

Reader’s Theatre – Scripts and plays are available at

Read Naturally –


Quick Reads –

Book Buddies –

Fluency Practice

Perfect Poems:With Strategies for Building Fluency (2004). New York: Scholastic Inc.

De Goede, L. (2004) Fluency: Reading for Every Child. Michigan: Instructional Fair

Hollenbeck, K.M. (2005). Fluency Practice Mini-Books. New York: Scholastic Inc.


Rasinski, T.V. & Padak, N. (2005). 3-Minute Reading Assessments: Word Recognition, Fluency & Comprehension. New York: Scholastic Inc.


Test of Silent Word Reading Fluency –